Czech Republic native Jakub Kotas came to Colorado about six years ago, after finishing his studies, and an alternative to serving in the army – working as a cook at a home for seniors.

jakubHe currently lives in Edwards with his wife, whom he met here, yet is also a Czech Republic native, and young daughter. He recently opened a gallery in the Rainbow Court on Frisco Main Street.

4c93a6e70d464-mg-91191He said his photography began in his youth when he shared a darkroom with his father. “I used to take a lot of photographs back in the Czech Republic,” Kotas said. He switched over to digital only about two years ago. Kotas described his wilderness photography as a way of taking something back from a hike into the woods, a souvenir that would refresh the memory. The Jakub Lotus Wilderness Photo Gallery is a little difficult to find by the signs – it’s located within a friend’s outdoor gear repair shop in the court.

i000003to5_zmayg3What are your dreams/what would you like to do with your art?
To make this planet a better place to be, so our children will not have to ask: Hey you, what were the forests like? … I will be glad to dedicate 35 percent of the sale to the state parks and USDA for their needs and hopefully become even “greener.” Right now, I do not know many people around to ask for advice, but everyone is welcome to contact me with an idea at

4c89daa82fdb0-mg-8180-1What does art give you/why do you do it?

4c93a6d7cd248-mg-7917What do you try to convey through your art?
Although, I do not feel that art needs to convey, anything, I try to cure with art.

bildeWhat is/has been your biggest challenge, and how do/did you deal with it?
Meeting Viktor Skrebneski at his studio in Chicago. He photographed Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and David Bowie. Dennis Hopper is a friend of his and it was tough to imagine Viktor and Jakub sitting at the same table. I went on a boat trip on the river and took probably 150 pictures of the Chicago architecture, thinking that Andy would do the same thing. That keeps me going.

4c93b249e682c-mg-1786What are you most proud of regarding your art (and/or greatest accomplishment)?

4c93a6e70d464-mg-9119How do you stay fresh/motivated?
I stay motivated looking to the older people’s eyes.
4c93af3c1caf2-mg-6601What do you do when you’re not making art?
Making real art.

Jakub Kotas

– Type of art: Visual

– Personality: Extrovert/Introvert: Both

– Hours per week dedicated to art: 168 hours a week

– Favorite artist: John Fielder; mentor: Frank Zappa

– Artist website: